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Kevin Mitnick

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Dave Barry

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Steve McConnell

Published on Mar 27, 2014
Article #10

March Slovenia Ruby User Group Meetup
  • rubyPetek, 28. Mar 2014 18:00

    The next Slovenian Ruby meetup is going to take place on 28th of March. It is going to be the fourth monthly meeetup in a row and it will be something completely different. This time there will be talks.


    Oto Brglez will say a few things about RSpec/TDD bad practices and Miha Filej will talk why we are afraid of deleting our own code.

    There will also be time some lightning talks and if you have something to talk about please don't be afraid to speak up. We are sure we all would love to hear it.

    After that we will move to the bar where we will continue the discussion about the talks and anything else you might be doing. Ruby related of course.

    The event will take place in Mediatheque of Oton Župančič Library on March the 18th 2014, starting at 6 PM. Mediatheque is in the basement of library.

    RSVP: meetup.com event page

    Welcome to join us!

    P.S. Do spread the word about Ruby and this meetup to your friends.